The sites presented below primarily deal with alternative process photographers, and technical information on process. This selection is a personal one, which includes a variety of processes and a mix of technical information and images. I have sought to provide a broad representation of the rich variety of processes being practiced today. Use the links to the right to search for sites on specific subjects.


Sites dealing in early photography have also been included, associations related to photography in general, and alternative processes in particular. In conclusion, links to suppliers in the USA, Europe, and UK have been included. I hope that you find this information useful. Your feedback and comments are appreciated - email me

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Photographer's sites

Gum Bichromate

Christina Z. Anderson - wonderful images and valuable technical information from a tireless researcher — highly recommended

Two french gummists - Jacqueline & Jean-Louis Giudicelli - Images and text, in english 

Jerzy Górecki gum printer from Poland - English language site 

Guma - polish site showcasing the work of a variety of polish gum printers. Mostly in polish, some english 

GumPhoto - Gum prints by Keith Gerling. Large multiple colour gum prints - lovely work, highly recommended

Martin van Kampen Alternatieve Fotografie - Gum prints from a photographer in the Netherlands. Text in Dutch

Stephen Livick - Large 3 colour and 'free-form' gum prints. Very subtle colour and rich detail - essential site to visit for serious gum printers.

Bill Mabry - Includes examples of gum prints and a well illustrated tutorial section.

Christine Rendina - gum prints by Christine Rendina a photographer based in Spain.

Ernestine Rubin - beautiful free form gum prints

Katharine Thayer - This site provides an excellent technical commentary on the gum process - highly recommended.

Woods Edge Photography - Gum prints by Alan Dehmer who works with natural pigments. Offers tutorials and workshops, based in the state of North Carolina USA

Platinum, Kallitype, Cyanotype 

Martin Becka. Palladium, salted paper, and Kallitype prints from calotype negatives - site français. Beautiful and thoughtful work, excellent blend of 'seeing' and technical accomplishment 

Nze Christian. - platinum & chrysotype images - site français et anglais. Since my first visit new images and detailed technical information in both french and english. 

Jeffrey D. Mathias - Platinum printing site Detailed and thorough information on the techniques of platinum printing.  

Invitation au voyage - Philippe Moroux - Kallitypes Excellent and fascinating site in French, English and Dutch, Kallitypes and pinhole photography - interesting concept - a must see that comes highly recommended.

Platinum and Gum over Platinum prints by Kerik Kouklis - Contains many panoramic images - the photographer also runs workshops in platinum printing

Various processes - A site for artists and photographers working with alt. photo. and processes: Galleries, forum, technical information, articles and more.

Gruppo Rodolfo Namias - an italian website that provides working details on a variety of processes as well as a gallery section. The work shown on the site is from the members of the group. Site is in italian and english

Mamut Photo - Ultra Large-Format Photography and Alternative Processes. This site, created and managed by Patrick Jan Van Hove features galleries, articles and resources for photographers working in ultra-large format (8"x10" and above) and alternative photographic processes. The site is in both English and French.

Oatmeal Box Cameras and other alternative photography An alternative process site dealing with Gum, Kallitype and Cyanotype. Site created by Wendy Mukluk.

Peter Fredrick Egg Temperaprint Process - an alternative dichromate process created by Peter Fredrick using eggs, pigment and dichromate. Produces strong graphic images, peter's site includes a gallery of temperaprint images as well as details on the process

Pictoform presents the work of two Swedish photographers Hans Nohlberg & Chia N-Löfqvist. A variety of historical photographic process including gum, carbon and platinum. The carbon prints on glass are particularly special.

Handmade Photographic Images - by George L Smyth - Infrared, Pinhole and alternative process photographic images and articles

Marek Uliasz's site provides a range of links to photo resources online, including alternative processes. Site includes information and images on Polaroid transfers.

Practical information on processes, other resources and mailing lists to the alt photo community

Alternative photo process FAQ - details and links to alt photo process sites. Brief information on all current alternative processes, plus relevant links. 

Archive of the alt-photo-process list - a good place to search for information on alternative photographic processes. The archive can be searched by subject and thread

Photography at - this site offers articles and other items of interest related to photography in general. It is edited by Peter Marshall a photographer, teacher and writer

Photogramme- site français - Le site sur les procédés photo alternatifs : **Toutes les formules pour la cyanotypie, kallitypie, papier salé, tirage àla gomme, etc. **Catalogue de commande de produits chimiques **Kits de cyano et tirage à la gomme **Manuel d'initiation à la cyanotypie et au tirage à la gomme bichromatée

Unblinking Eye - Ed Buffaloe's site provides a selection of articles on alternative photographic process techniques as well as material of a more general photographic nature

Dr Mike Ware's alternative photography site Practical instruction, polemics and images - well presented and thorough. Dr Ware has evolved traditional non-silver processes, such as cyanotype and kallitype processes. Details on other processes are also included.

History of photography links, and early photography sites

History of Photography - site providing a broad overview of the history of photography

City Gallery - early photography website, plus links to the photo history mailing list. Information on 19th century photography 

Autochrome images

Photographic magazines online

British Journal of Photography 

Photographie - site français  


Photoeye - a full range of more than 10,000 photographic titles, plus an out of print service. Photoeye also offers an online gallery.

Photo Books International - a great London bookshop that carries both new and secondhand photographic books.

Associations for photographers - general and alt photo

The Daguerreian Society - images and resources on the daguerreotype process. 

London Independant Photography - a forum for both amateur and professional photographers. LIP arranges talks, workshops and masterclasses and coordinates an annual exhibition of member's work.

Procede Alt Photo - site français  

Royal Photographic Society

Helios - Association pour la pratique des procédés photographiques Méconnus 

Société française de photographie - English version available - small gallery site of historical images online

Galleries & Museums of interest

Agora Gallery - New York - A fine art gallery in Chelsea New York

George Eastman House 

The Janus Museum  - Alan Janus' online museum includes an interesting range of early photography.

Jeu de Palme - site français 

Maison Europeenne de la Photographie - site français  

Musee Rodin france - site français

Link/Search Sites - links to a range of photographic resources online

All Things Photo - search site specialising in photography

Photoforum links - site providing details of specialised photo groups and mail lists

Photoforum list - links to a variety of websites dedicated to photography

PhotoLinks - The Photography Network - directory and portal service dedicated to photography

Photographic suppliers

Major commercial sites  

Kodak home page  

Ilford homepage

Alternative and general suppliers 


Bostick & Sullivan - suppliers for the alt photo community - speciality in pt/pd chemistry - also provides good links to further technical information.  

Freestyle - films, paper and other consumerables. Alt and general photographic supplies. 

Photographers Formulary - Alt process kits chemicals and materials


Bergger - site in French & English - films and paper for alt process. 

Photogramme - site français - supplier of chemicals and kits for alt processes in Europe


Silverprint full range of photographic materials - including alt process chemicals and accessories. Their print catalogue contains useful technical information.

Alternative photographic process sites - photographers & practical information -

General photography links

Suppliers of films, chemicals and kits -

Links by subject