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hamish'Gum Bichromate Photography' was originally created in late 1998 to provide an online gallery to promote the first Terre Aborigène series. I also chose to add information on my working process and links to a variety of sites dedicated to 19th century photographic processes. This first site was hosted on my webspace at wandoo.fr, during my residence in France.


Since the site was first launched the number of websites dedicated to historical photographic processes has grown, in particular those involving gum bichromate.


In early 2005 I registered the domain, gumphoto.co.uk and created a new site which revised and updated the content of my first website. Gumphoto.co.uk has had three major revisions with the most recent undertaken in August 2006.


I've updated the site in February 2008 to add two new images to the Water's Edge gallery.

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